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About me

Professional Qualifications:
My education and practice included an MSc in Counselling and Psychotherapy with the University of Roehampton (integrating humanistic, psychoanalytic and existential psychotherapy) and an additional post-qualification advanced practitioners' course in existential analytic psychotherapy with UKCP SAFPAC. It also included personal analysis for eight years and various clinical placements and continious professional development programs. I come from a background of social work practice with a specialization and focus on systemic social work practice (informed by systemic and family therapy),

I am influenced by humanistic and existential psychotherapy, relational psychoanalysis and psychodynamic practice. I am also interested in the new developments in psychodynamic neuroscience. In 2020, I completed an additional professional program in dynamic interpersonal therapy (DIT) course with the Anna Freud centre to be able to offer short-term psychodynamic-DIT therapy to persons that needed to access 'free talking and relational therapies' in the NHS.

My approach:
My practice can be useful to people that are concerned with their relationship to themselves, others and the world. I put an emphasis on the therapeutic relationship and I invite an exploration of relationships in general.

My approach addresses problems, situations and symptoms as significant opportunities for self- examination, search for meaning and change of mind and/or actions wherever this is necessary.

We will try to take up a challenge together, which is to revive your capacity to become more conscious about yourself, so that you may re-evaluate your potential in order to find your way out of confusion and stuckness towards aliveness and possibility. What I encourage and help with is an experience of your deeper humanity and the humanity of the other. As a result of this process people can experience an inner strengthening to keep up the 'good work' whatever each person's personal 'work' is.

My background:
I was born in Greece and studied social work as well as theatre and drama in Athens. Between 1998-2001, I worked as an actress and a creative play facilitator for pre-school and primary school children. From 2001 since 2015, I worked as a social worker for nearly fifteen years both in Greece and then in London.
As an actress I learned to appreciate the psychological significance of myth, story-telling, language, dialogue, embodiment and the human experience.
As a social worker I met individuals and groups during critical times of their lives and I experienced together with them acute multi-layered disadvantaged adversity, complex, compound and trans-generational trauma and substantial risk. My social work practice had a profound impact on my way of being and my worldview and together with my previous time in art and theatre they opened up the way towards psychotherapy.
I continued my post graduate studies in Psychotherapy in London where I have been practising and working as a therapist since 2014 with people from varied backgrounds, cultures and personal histories.

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